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Lafayette General Honors Local Heroes at Annual Gala

More than 600 physicians, healthcare workers, and local business leaders attended the sold-out event to show their support for the philanthropic branch of Lafayette General Health.

Lafayette Police Outline Plans for 2018

The Lafayette Police Department announced it will hire 10 new officers and create a new precinct dedicated to keeping the Hub City’s downtown and Simcoe areas safe.

Welcoming a Puppy Home

Nothing is more heartwarming than the first warm nuzzle from a new puppy. With new pets, however, come new responsibilities and opportunities...

New Year, Same You

Let’s be brutally honest here; January 1st is no different of a day than December 31st.

The Inner Voice of Emotional Pain

By owning up to our thoughts, feelings and actions, we become more in control.

Kenneth Boudreaux to serve on National League of Cities' crime prevention committee

Lafayette City-Parish Council Chairman Kenneth Boudreaux has been tapped to help shape the organization’s policies on issues such as gun control, court systems and domestic terrorism.

Keep your pets safe during the holidays with these tips

The holidays are a time for families and friends to celebrate each other’s company; however, traditional holiday fare, ornaments and other holiday staples may hurt your fur family.

Joel Robideaux appoints disability affairs coordinator

"We are collectively committed to Lafayette's disabled community and I cannot wait to be a voice for those in need," Doyle said.

Strike up the band: Lafayette to host 2018 Music Cities Convention

The 2018 Music Cities Convention is slated to take place in the heart of Cajun and Creole culture!

8 Tips for Navigating Food Temptaions

he holidays throw in a lot of temptations from every direction if dieting or watching your weight. Holiday parties and get-togethers in particular can be a healthful-eating challenge..

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