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Moncus Park to Begin Phase 1 Construction

Coming soon to the Horse Farm: new amenities, new parking spots, a dog park and more.

Argentina; a Land of Natural Beauty

Argentina’s culture is as diverse as its landscape new and old worlds collide in perfect balance here; from the ancient vineyard lands of Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes Mountains...

UL Lafayette Students Shine At 2018 SEJC Convention

More than 200 students representing 28 colleges and universities in the Southeast recently participated in the 32nd Annual Southeast Journalism Conference convention in Searcy, Arkansas...

STM Girls Soccer Team Wins State Championship

After ten years of clawing their way back to the top, Saint Thomas More High School’s Lady Cougar soccer team has re-claimed the title of State Champions...

DISCOVER LAFAYETTE: Jady Regard Shares his Entrepreneurial Quests

Well-known throughout Acadiana for his chief day job as C.N.O., or Chief Nut Officer, of Cane River Pecan Company, Jady brings a sense of joie de vivre to everything he does.

How Many Adventures Can You Have in One Day?

Family Adventure Day is a day designed for families to spend together doing unique activities you just can’t do on any ordinary Saturday...

Sylvia McLain: Work Hard & Play Hard

Realtor® and real estate developer Sylvia McLain has seen Lafayette grow immensely since her elementary school days of riding horses through her neighbors’ yards on Beadle Road...

Overindulged Children

The consequences of overindulging a child may include Over-dependency on the parent, Lack of concern for others, Self-centeredness, a feeling of entitlement, and ...

#IntentionalPositivity: You Conduit!

Clearing the heart path lets us become vessels for ideas, blessings, good deeds, and other necessary life-experiences!! Be a CONDUIT … You can do it!!

Go Coastal in 2018: Top seaside getaways for the coming year

For those looking for a dynamic vacation encompassing rich cultural experiences, unique local dining and a bit of sun, sand and adventure, set your sites on these superior seaside hotspots for a memorable maritime escape.



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