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Improve Your Mental Sharpness

Staying active physically is important as you age.

Healthy Living Can Be as Easy as 1-2-3

When it comes to your health, it’s not the time to test your luck.

Cheap Backyard Fun for the Kids

With summer upon us, your kids are probably already suffering from boredom. Kids quickly get bored from the lack of routine and structure... Well mom's its time to take action!

How to Make the Ultimate Burger

Independence Day is perfect for grilling and burgers are the No. 1 grilled item in America.

2015 New Orleans Fashion Week’s Top Design Winner

A Passion for Fashion - Q & A with 2015's top designer Kristine Pichon... Kristine Pichon is not afraid of hard work or taking risks. A strong proponent of taking advantage of every opportunity, Kristine poured experience and talent into a collection to showcase at New Orleans Fashion Week Top Design Competition. The judging was based on creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and the decision was unanimous. Kristine swept away both the audience and the judges with her inspired collection winning the Yelp People’s Choice Award and the Top Design Competition.

Angie Eckman - June/July Cover Story

In every community there are people working behind the scenes, on the sidelines and in the trenches making their world go around. Angie Eckman is one of those people.

Be Better for Your Loved Ones by Making Time for YOU

It is easy to get so wrapped up in the needs of your loved ones that you lose sight of the things you need. But no matter how much you love your family, it is important to take time for yourself.

Activate Your Summer with These Simple Tips

When short-sleeve shirts, tanks and shorts make their way into your everyday wardrobe, summer has officially arrived.

Tattoo Removal... Is It For You?

Tattoos are extremely popular in today’s society. However, as time passes more than 20% of those who have them wish they didn't... By: Cynthia Glass, MD. Coccolare Spa & Medi Spa

4 Easy Treats for the 4th of July

Casual and colorful desserts made easyCasual and colorful desserts made easy

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