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Stuck in Hand-Me-Downs

Aug 30, 2017 ● By Don Short

There are many things that parents hand down to us, some good and some bad..

Healthy Reciprocity: The Foundation Of All Relationships

Jul 20, 2017 ● By Don Short

Reciprocity is a personal response to a perceived act of kindness or unkindness.


Jun 09, 2017 ● By Don Short

Healthy boundaries are important between couples, between friends and between children & family members. How we define ourselves is determined by the boundaries we set in our relationships.

Barriers to Intimacy - part 2

Apr 19, 2017 ● By Don Short

Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship - Intimacy is a very important part of our human experience. It brings satisfaction, health, happiness, and sense of meaning to one’s life.

What Is Intimacy - part 1

Mar 09, 2017 ● By Don Short

Intimacy is a process – not a thing. It takes place over time and is not stagnant. In fact, any kind of stagnation in a relationship kills intimacy. Intimacy can also take many forms.

Codependent – The Caretaker and The Rescuer

Feb 20, 2017 ● By Don Short

Codependency begins as a survival plan that a child develops so that their life will be more bearable in response to the abuse and/or neglect they are experiencing at that time.

Shrink the Change – Notice the Change

Jan 19, 2017 ● By Don Short

It does not have to be "All or Nothing" - Sometimes the picture of change we create in our minds is so large and overwhelming that the process is never started because we feel so overwhelmed.

The Trauma of Cancer

Oct 10, 2016 ● By Don Short

Four ways cancer survivors still struggle, even years post diagnosis - Relief and Assistance with Psychotherapy

Marriage Problems in Acadiana

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

When divorce may not be the best option....

Feeling Trapped in the Maze - Part 3

Jun 13, 2016 ● By Face Editor

What is keeping some people trapped and why don’t they go to counseling?