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Pruning Can Create a Better Marriage

For a marriage to be healthy, one needs to sow int the positive things that will strengthen it, while at the same time pruning/removing elements in our lives that tend to be destructive...

A Better ME Makes A Better WE

In our day to day lives we like to feel that we are on top of things, a sense of control. We desire a “perfect” day, a day that goes as planned...

Communicating With Teenagers

Sometimes we as parents assume that the absence of problematic behavior means that everything is okay with the teen. I now understand the miscommunications and misunderstanding of teenagers.

Overindulged Children

The consequences of overindulging a child may include Over-dependency on the parent, Lack of concern for others, Self-centeredness, a feeling of entitlement, and ...

The Inner Voice of Emotional Pain

By owning up to our thoughts, feelings and actions, we become more in control.

Stuck in Hand-Me-Downs

There are many things that parents hand down to us, some good and some bad..

Healthy Reciprocity: The Foundation Of All Relationships

Reciprocity is a personal response to a perceived act of kindness or unkindness.


Healthy boundaries are important between couples, between friends and between children & family members. How we define ourselves is determined by the boundaries we set in our relationships.

Barriers to Intimacy - part 2

Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship - Intimacy is a very important part of our human experience. It brings satisfaction, health, happiness, and sense of meaning to one’s life.

What Is Intimacy - part 1

Intimacy is a process – not a thing. It takes place over time and is not stagnant. In fact, any kind of stagnation in a relationship kills intimacy. Intimacy can also take many forms.