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Let’s Talk Puberty, Shall We?

Mar 23, 2017 ● By Caitlin Marshall

Whatever we, as parents, choose to call it —“the talk” or “the birds and the bees” — talking to your son or daughter about puberty can be challenging.

A Declaration of Leadership

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

Zhoriél Tapo, a first grade student at Plantation Elementary School, earned grand prize honors in a speech contest open to students nationwide and across Canada. Pictured with Anne Hermann.

Pokémon Go:

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

Newest Craze

Why Kids Need Protein and How Milk Can Help

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

With a tasty, easy to-do breakfast recipe!

Drive Away Distractions

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

Protect teens behind the wheel!!

“5 Simple Back to School Tips from Your Child’s Teacher: What They Want You to Know”

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

"Let’s Have a Relationship: It’s a new year! Let’s set goals for your child and assess them regularly, together!"

Back to School Routines for Kids

Aug 01, 2016 ● By Face Editor

As the summer comes to an end, so does our relaxed summer schedules. Getting back into the routine of another school year is often a difficult transition for both parents and children.

Acadiana Dads Celebrate Father's Day!

Jul 07, 2016 ● By Face Editor

Our readers and fans sent in photos celebrating Father's Day 2016!

Storm Action Plan

Jul 05, 2016 ● By Caitlin Marshall

Hurricane season is officially here until November. You may have survived several seasons and know what to do in the event of a hurricane. But, your children may be clueless.

Childhood with an LGBT parent.

Jul 05, 2016 ● By Face Editor

Adult perspectives on their growing up experiences