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Brighten Your Windowless Kitchen Using These 4 Tips

May 01, 2015 01:50PM ● By Press Release

When searching for the perfect home, you can't have everything you want. The kitchen tends to be the area of the home many have hang-ups about. You want a bright and airy kitchen, perfect for cooking large family meals and entertain in socially. However, don't let your dream home slip through your fingers simply because it has no windows. Here are four tips to help you brighten your windowless kitchen.

1. The More Lights You Have the Brighter the Kitchen

This may seem a little obvious, but more lighting is key to making a windowless kitchen bright. You can also spread out the lighting by adding recessed spotlights in your ceiling. Of course, if you are renting a home, pocket lights may not be an option. Therefore, you should focus on track lighting as your main light source.

You can move the light so that it covers all directions. If you have a kitchen island, you can also install an island light. Many island lights have multiple lights that focus downward. They can add an abundance of light, but they are not directional like track lighting.

2. Make Your Countertops Shine

If you have a kitchen with granite countertops, you're in luck. Light colors with a minimum grain work best for windowless kitchens because they complement white cabinets the best. Dark countertops can make a kitchen look smaller and dingy.

Under-the-counter lights increase the reflective properties of these countertops. You can buy a DIY kit to install the lights.

3. Use Paint to Brighten Your Kitchen

White cabinets can make your kitchen brighter and stylish. White is the default color for many rentals. A fresh coat of white paint can help brighten your windowless kitchen. Pick a trim paint that is glossy. It helps make the paint reflective. A soft yellow tone on your walls creates emphasis on your lighting.

4. Say Yes to Reflection

Mirrors or reflective backsplashes can help carry the light into every nook and cranny in your kitchen. If you have an empty wall above your sink, place a mirror there. It does not have to be a standard mirror. There are decorative kitchen mirrors that have themes such as fruit and kitchen decor so that the mirror does not feel out of place.

If you add a mirrored or reflective backsplash, you can highlight the area underneath your cabinets and your countertops. If you can change your hardware, use metallic handles. Metallic backsplashes are also reflective.

Keep these tips in mind before you turn down a windowless kitchen home. You can bring the light inside and feel comfortable and happy in your bright windowless kitchen.