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Five Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

May 01, 2015 02:43PM ● By Press Release

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to start thinking of ways to show your mom just how much you love and appreciate her. Whether you live in the same neighborhood or have settled thousands of miles away, one of these meaningful gifts should be perfect.

1) Make a beautiful photo album

Most mothers would be delighted to receive an ornate photo album filled with fun and touching images from the past. There are many different ways to organize this type of gift, too. For example, you could present the photos in chronological order, starting with images of you and your mom from your childhood and ending with a photo taken very recently. Alternatively, you could broaden the album to include images of important family memories that include your father, siblings and other loved ones.

2) Treat her to dinner

If your mom rarely gets any time to herself due to family commitments or a hectic work schedule, she will really appreciate being taken out to dinner on a weekend day. You could either chose a restaurant that you know she loves, or treat her to a meal at somewhere new and exciting. Encourage her to order anything she likes, and just enjoy spending time together.

3) Give up some of your time for her

When it comes to gifts, most people care more about the thought and effort behind the gesture than they do about the money involved. If you know this is true of your mom, you might be best to give her the gift of your time and energy. Is she longing to redecorate her living room? Would she appreciate your company when she is pursuing one of her individual interests, such as going to a concert or playing a sport? The key is to think of something that you could do with your time that would either help her or enhance her enjoyment of an experience.

4) Give her something personalized

There is plenty of scope for creativity and imagination when it comes to giving personalized gifts. If your mom is a huge fan of a particular TV show, a mug with a favorite character can be an ideal choice, while a mother who loves her pets might appreciate a personalized cat bowl or a gift certificate for a dog grooming service. When you're considering this gift option, don't forget that you can personalize almost anything. From calendars to t-shirts, stationary and phone covers, there are endless objects that can be turned into hilarious or touching gifts with the addition of the right quote or photograph.

5) Pay for a spa treatment

A spa treatment is another ideal gift for a busy, over-worked mom who is in desperate need of time to relax. Whether you book her a massage, buy her a full weekend at a resort or choose some soothing skin treatments for her enjoy, this gesture clearly sends a message of love and care. Depending on the time and money you have at your disposal, you might also want to consider going with her in order to turn the spa trip into a more social experience.