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Make Summer Travel with Pets Enjoyable and Seamless

Jun 17, 2024 03:33AM ● By Family Features
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5 pet-friendly travel tips for summer trips

For pet owners, cats and dogs are part of the family, which means when it’s time to head out of town this summer, the four-legged friends get to come along, too.

In fact, a survey conducted by Motel 6 revealed that of 2,000 Americans with summer leisure plans, the vast majority of those traveling with pets this summer (90%) are bringing their dog, and more than a quarter (31%) are bringing their cat.

While traveling with pets can be a handful, Motel 6 and its Chief Pet Officer, Garfield, fresh off his wild adventure in “The Garfield Movie,” offer these tips to help make the journey easier, safer and more fun.

Pack the Essentials: Travel anxiety is real for your four-legged friends, too, so keep the experience as “pawsitive” as possible by packing your pet’s favorite toys and snacks. Don’t forget to pack enough food, like lasagna; water; collapsible food and water bowls; and a favorite blanket or bed to provide a sense of familiarity.

Map Out Stops: One in 6 (16%) Americans with summer travel plans are driving to their destinations because they plan to bring their pets along. Travelers should map out breaks, especially when it comes to stopping for meals, in anticipation of traffic and construction. This can help ensure they find spots for bathroom breaks and a chance for active pets to exercise. Even lazier pets can enjoy the fresh air.

Find Pet-Friendly Lodging: As you plan your getaway, look for pet-friendly lodging options with plenty of places to lounge, like Motel 6, which offers travelers and their four-legged friends affordable accommodation, and pets always stay free. This helps take the stress out of researching hotel pet policies and paying additional fees. Traveling pet parents can join the free My6 discount program to receive a minimum of 6% off every stay at locations across the country and access to hundreds of pet and travel benefits.

Travel Safely: If you’re planning to travel with your pets, ensure they receive the royal treatment by researching how to safely transport them during the trip. The Humane Society of the United States recommends that cats and dogs travel in their crates or carriers anchored by a seatbelt to prevent them from moving around the car. It’s important to never leave your pet alone in the car or place your pet in the front seat because it could lead to injury. Always keep pets on leashes when outside, no matter how well-trained they are, as new surroundings or unexpected noises can startle them.

Remember to Have Fun: Travelers’ top reasons for bringing their four-legged friends on trips include spending quality time with them and the joy of seeing their pets happy (39%), making new memories with their pets (34%), seeing their pets’ reactions to new experiences (32%) and the extra level of companionship pets bring to trips (29%). A few ways to reserve quality time with your pets include dining at pet-friendly restaurants (preferably ones with unlimited cheese), locating nearby green spaces or parks to play, trying new experiences together or going on walks. For those who like a more leisurely travel experience, don’t forget to add a quick cat nap with your pet to your schedule.

As you look to map out your summer travel plans, visit to find pet-friendly, affordable lodging.


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