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Five Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Patio Space for Entertaining

It is easier than you think to spruce up your patio for entertaining and dining. With the right décor and creative space, you can transform your patio into a fully functioning living area.

End Toxic Relationships Within Your Family

Regardless of whether you have come to terms with your family relationships or not, the negativity might have bad effects on your health...

Sipping with Savannah: Summer Cocktails

No matter if you’re sipping as you work on your tan or gathering with the girls, these tasty summer treats are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Then & Now: Patti Broussard

FACE Magazine’s cover story of May 2012 featured Lafayette’s Patti Broussard who, at the time, spoke of the importance of making a difference. On that topic, things have not changed a bit...

Healing House: Through the Eyes of an Artist

“Giving back? It’s probably the most rewarding thing a person can do,” says Leslie Tammariello. Artist of the 2018 Absolut Martini Glass - Benefiting Healing House...

#IntentionalPositivity: You Are Beautiful!!!

Faking it until you make it only gets you so far, so at some point in the journey, embrace who YOU are to ensure a beautiful outcome. You need to be AUTHENTIC! But how?

Skin and Hair Habits to Change by Thirty

Remember when your mom told you to take care of your skin otherwise you may live to regret it? Well, she was right...

The Empty House Syndrome

"She's off to college..." Now what? How are parents supposed to cope once their children leave for college?

Community Spotlight: Getting Acadiana Amp’d Up

Radona Leonberger started Amp’d Up in March to engage Acadia Parish special needs athletes in the community and get them involved, finding inspiration in her own son...

Community Spotlight: Kneading a Change

“I wake up at 2:30 a.m., in my car at 3:30 on my way to work and I’m singing to the radio. I’m excited, and love coming to work.”