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Ideal Wellness of Acadiana

101 West Farrel Road
Bld 5 #101
Lafayette, LA 70508

Want to lose the weight fast? Want to keep it off? Of course you do! We all do! And at Ideal Wellness of Acadiana we follow the Ideal Protein protocol, which is a science based weight loss program, designed to keep the weight off for the long term! We are a four step program that follows a low-carb diet plan. We provide you with delicious, high quality foods, that help satisfy you, and keep you full all day! We guide you along your weight loss journey with free weekly visits with our registered dietitian who will help you with any issues that may come up for you. After you reach your goal weight we guide you through the transition phase of reintroducing carbs and fats into your diet while taking you off of Ideal Protein products. In the end you are a smaller, happier, healthier you! Call us today to start your journey now!