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Author the Children's Book, Cats Cats Everywhere, Will One Cat Learn To Share?

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209 Cresthill Dr.
Youngsville, LA 70592

(337) 806-0555

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I wrote and illustrated this kids book to help teach a lesson in sharing in a fun and whimsical way. Here is a little sneak peek inside the book! One bright, lovely day, a little tan cat recieved a beautiful bouquet. At first she thought, "Why should I share?" Her friend Charles said, "Hey, just a minute there." She quietly listened to what he said, and it made her think twice. "Maybe I should share with them instead?" Will little tan cat show that she cares? Will little tan cat show others she likes to share? Little tan cat teaches little people that sharing and caring can be lots of fun. The character, Charles, is named after Emily's inspiring grandpa, Charles Howard Day, who lead a great Christian life.