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New Research Links Refrigerator Staple to Teenage Height

Drinking real dairy milk is especially important for growing kids, and new research suggests regularly drinking more milk throughout childhood is associated with an increase in teenage height, according to a new study in “The Journal of Nutrition.”1

#IntentionalPositivity: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

In determining your value, we must first figure out how your worth is measured? More importantly, how do YOU measure your own worth?

Youth Sports and Concussions

With fall beginning, many school-age children are taking to the fields to show off their athletic talents. The potential for an injury such as a concussion is a definite possibility...

West Nile Virus Mosquito Found In Lafayette Parish

Mosquito Control Services, has confirmed a mosquito sample positive for West Nile Virus in Lafayette Parish...

Tips to Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is physically and emotionally draining for kids, even if they don’t show it. And instability can cause behavioral problems, adding stress to the parents...

Healing House Moves To New Facility: Randon’s Place

After two decades of providing support to grieving children throughout Acadiana, Healing House-Hope for Grieving Children has moved into a new facility on South Beadle Road.

Why, Me? It’s a Question Difficult to Answer

Many of us go through life with our families, developing our careers and participating in activities that we find fulfilling and satisfying. Our lives become routine. Then tragedy strikes...

End Toxic Relationships Within Your Family

Regardless of whether you have come to terms with your family relationships or not, the negativity might have bad effects on your health...

Skin and Hair Habits to Change by Thirty

Remember when your mom told you to take care of your skin otherwise you may live to regret it? Well, she was right...

The Empty House Syndrome

"She's off to college..." Now what? How are parents supposed to cope once their children leave for college?