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Exploring the Context of Changing Times: Where Do You Fit In?

This FREE presentation is back by popular demand.

The past is the past or is it?

In the world today, the challenges facing our political system and the needs of our communities churn up important questions for each of us.

As we face the challenges at the forefront of our lives whether it relates to politics, education, civil rights, health care, economics, and the environment, there is a pattern that reaches into the past and provides insights as we search for solutions.

Our response to the acceleration of these historical and natural patterns provide clues that can help each of us find our role in supporting each other, and maintaining an inner stability through experiences that feel chaotic.

This presentation, will explain how important it is to understand how these times connect to the past and how the future we manifest belongs to all of us. Come learn about some surprising historical repeats, and consider the cycles as they apply to your own life as it unfolds today.

In this presentation you will :

Learn about patterns that relate to economics, politics, environment, and civil rights.

Find new ways to connect to “your role” in these times by discovering themes that energize you the most.

Explore a new way of finding solutions to challenges.

There will be a discussion following the presentation.