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Adventures in Drawing

Acadiana Center for the Arts

Everyone has drawn as a child. Most of us stop drawing when we reach the age where we think that our drawings need to be more than child-like. That may take instruction or commitment that we don’t have. Or we think that we just don’t have the “talent” needed to draw. If you ever take a pen or pencil and write, you are “drawing” with line. The lines and marks you make are different from everyone else’s lines and marks. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to re-define drawing, learning its language, without the pressure of meeting expectations. Participants will receive instruction about how to visually consider the space of the paper, the composition, and about different types of material specific mark making techniques. Anyone wanting to add imagery drawn from imagination or life will be helped to do so. What participants will experience is the process of art-making, which at its best is a dialogue with yourself and a journey that often has surprise endings. The workshop will be limited to 12 participants, but will be open to anyone who wants to view its progress. All materials are supplied, with the exception of an apron, old shirt, or something to cover your clothes. Participants may bring objects to look at & draw (such as plants, flowers, other natural or man-made objects) Participants must pre-register. To register, call the AcA at 337-233-7060 or e-mail Paige Krause at [email protected] This workshop is a program of ArtSpark – Individual Artist Stipends – a program of Lafayette Economic Development Authority and Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Date & Time

September 19, 2015

10:00AM - 3:00AM

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$35 / $32 for members

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