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Five Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Patio Space for Entertaining

It is easier than you think to spruce up your patio for entertaining and dining. With the right décor and creative space, you can transform your patio into a fully functioning living area.

The Great Mosquito Battle

The weather in Acadiana gives us countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, that same weather also makes it a breeding ground for the infamous Louisiana mosquito...

Smithsonian Experts to Share Tips on Salvaging Family Treasures

Flood survivors can learn how to salvage their treasures directly from Smithsonian Institution preservation experts on Friday, Sept. 23, and Saturday, Sept. 24...

Plan Ahead for Power Outages

Get ready for the chance of inclement weather ahead with these tools and resources:


At least 35 REALTOR® members lost everything from this historic flood in North Louisiana. The RAA felt the need to give back to those fellow REALTORS®....

4 Easy Treats for the 4th of July

Casual and colorful desserts made easyCasual and colorful desserts made easy