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Five Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Patio Space for Entertaining

Jul 20, 2018 03:34PM ● By Staff Writer

It is easier than you think to spruce up your patio space for entertaining and dining. With the right décor and creative use of space, you can transform your patio into a fully functioning living area. Patios can quickly be incorporated as a useful part of your home and everyday living. Here are five ways to maximize space and increase comfort on your patio for entertaining.

Bring Living Room Ideas Outside

For drier months when you can be outdoors, complement your patio with items that can bring the comforts of your home to the outdoors. Comfortable furniture with throw pillows can be incorporated and bring a cozy feel to your patio. Get a sturdy tablecloth for your outdoor table to define a dining area. Lanterns and candles can finish your look and bring a warm feel to your patio. Having table space and a bar area will bring to life your patio and make this the spot to entertain and sit with guests.

Borrow from Those Who Have Mastered Outdoor Space

Look through travel blogs to find outdoor plazas and parks that have a great outdoor look. If you can bring the flavor of an Italian piazza or Mexican cantina to your patio, it will be fun and inviting for guests and friends. Themes can change from season to season depending on the look you are hoping to achieve, or for a specific party theme.

Have Your Patio do Double Duty as a Kitchen

Everyone seems to congregate to the kitchen during parties. That is where snacks and drinks can be grabbed up while being part of everything going on and food prep. To decrease the back and forth and keep everyone outside, bring the usual kitchen prep work to the patio. Start with an outdoor drink station, a side table for snacks, and a usable BBQ so that food prep and refreshments are at everyone’s fingertips.

Maximize Flow From the Indoors to the Patio

If folks will be running back and forth from inside to outside, having a lousy flow can make your patio not as accessible as you would like. French doors can open up a space and have a nice walkway from home to patio. If there are stairs leading to your outdoor space, make sure these are skid proof and have a sturdy railing. If you have to screen in pets, you may want to consider relegating them to another part of the home so you don’t have to worry during parties.

Entertaining in all Weather

Awnings and heat lamps can make your patio entertaining year round a possibility. You can never fully predict the weather, so if a chill or some sprinkles threaten your outdoor event, be prepared. Pulling out roll out awnings or patio umbrellas can protect guests from rain, while warming up to heat lamps or fire pits will keep everyone warm and content. Bringing your patio to life as an entertainment spot can be easy and inexpensive. Maximize the size of your home and make entertaining easier and more spacious. Your patio doesn’t need to be a dead zone – work with what you have and upgrade your patio to make your next dinner or party a success.