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Five Ways to Create a New Outfit Using Only Accessories

Apr 01, 2015 02:17PM ● By Press Release

If you have a large and versatile collection of accessories, you can save a lot of money on clothes. The right piece of jewelry can make a casual outfit look ideal for a job interview, while a flowing scarf can instantly update a plain shirt if you're looking for something to wear on a date. Here are five smart and easy ways to create a new outfit using only accessories.

1) Use a wide belt to make baggy clothes sexy

Shapeless clothes can be turned into form-fitting outfits if you use a wide belt to define your waist. This trick works very well with loose shirts, flared dressed and tunics, and you can use brightly colored belts to make your look more exciting.

2) Find the perfect shoes

Once you find a pair of shoes that are gorgeous but flat, you will be set for life. A pretty pair of practical shoes will allow you to walk for miles and dance until you are exhausted, but they won't compromise the femininity or elegance of your look. They can turn an old pair of jeans into a cute looking outfit but they can also be paired with a smart dress at a wedding. Ideal examples include shiny black pumps, but if you favor a quirkier look then you may find that ankle boots can play a similar role.

3) Shop for beautiful necklaces

If you add a range of eye-catching necklaces and pendants to your jewelry box, you can use them to make a dress look entirely different from one day to the next. For example, a classy necklace with a single stone will help you turn a black dress into a professional outfit for work, while a chunky string of bright beads can give the same outfit a more relaxed look when you're going to a casual event.

4) Build a collection of scarves

A bright blue scarf can make a black or white outfit look bright and cheerful, and any silk scarf will instantly give you a classy appearance. Once you have a wide range of different colors, patterns and textures at your disposal, it will be easy to transform a tired piece of clothing into something that looks entirely new.

5) Use bold earrings

While big earrings don't work for every outfit, they can make any outfit look more interesting by adding a splash of color. You can also combine bold earrings with a flattering hairstyle that shows off your neck and shoulders, and this change will rejuvenate your entire look.