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It’s in the Bag

May 01, 2015 02:58PM ● By Press Release

What is it about women and their handbags?  I’m not talking just any bag or purse. I’m referring to the luxurious designer handbags that are signed, numbered and come with pedigree papers. The designer handbag that requires a bodyguard when you carry it. The purse that gets its own seat at a table (God forbid that it touches the floor).  The bag that many are willing to spend as much as a month’s rent or mortgage to own and some others will rent a luxury brand to complete their wardrobe.

What started out of necessity as a useful way for women to carry their possessions has evolved into the ultimate 21st century object of desire. But why do we find designer bags so desirable?  Is it partly because they have become a unique outward statement of a women’s status, fashion savvy and earning power.  Or because of the rising popularity of luxury handbags has followed the increasing social independence of their owners. Women who buy designer bags often do so as a reward to themselves to celebrate a milestone, for working hard, or perhaps as retail therapy.  

The thing about handbags is, they are kind of a no-brainer.

1.Body-Type-Bias Fit:  There are no issues with fit, like there are with clothing.  No matter what your size is, there will always be a bag for you.

2.Fashion Style:  It can elevate what is otherwise an inexpensive and utilitarian outfit.  As clothes become more streamlined and minimalist the bag you carry often becomes your standout statement piece that can make you stand out from the crowd.

3.Status Symbol:  An “It-Bag” that is instantly recognizable – whether it is the distinctive quilting and gold chain of a Chanel or the unmistakable underarm of a Fendi, conveys a status of class and sophistication.

4.Glamour:  It comes with the association between a brand and celebrities seen spotted wearing it. If you can afford the same bag as a celebrity, you may get celebrity recognition.

5.An Investment:  A luxury brand (typically) has a classic style, the finest material and well crafted; which offer longevity, durability and stellar quality for many years.

Perhaps a woman that carries a one of a kind handbag can be compared to the guy that fancies a luxury sports car; it is the ultimate expression of stature and allure to completing ones repertoire.   It’s about what makes you feel good, look good and affordability.