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Rocking Graphic Tees!

Aug 03, 2015 06:21PM ● By News Desk

Sometimes a woman just wants to throw on a comfortable tee and hit the town. And with graphic tees being the In-Thing this summer, women are choosing a wide range of graphics to show off their personalities. Anything goes… from old concert shirts to political statements or just plain funny sayings.

If you’re planning to lie around the house this weekend, it probably doesn’t matter what fashion statement you’re going for, but if your plans include downtown alive, a favorite sports bar or any outdoor gathering, you’ll want to make sure you’re rocking that tee with class and style!  And with a little planning, any woman can pull it off !!!  


Choosing the right Tee for YOU:

Opt for comfort.  Choose a t-shirt that breathes, such as cotton. You’ll want to be cool and comfortable.

Yes, size matters. It shouldn’t fit so tight that you can’t move (remember…“style and class”), but you don’t want it hanging off of you like a bad carnival prize either. It should fit comfortably while still accentuating your body.  Keep in mind that a good tee can get expensive, so spend some time looking at the labels, especially if it’s 100% cotton because you know it’s going to shrink.

Don’t bedazzle. Enough said… If you’re under 13 or above 70, it’s okay, we know you can’t help yourself.   

It’s about your personality.  If Guns N Roses or Jimi Hendrix isn’t your style, look for colors that you know look good on you. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of graphics to choose from out there.  Some local boutiques are even printing their own custom styles with a Cajun flair.

Style it up with Class:

Classic jeans? Maybe, but the great thing with this late summer fashion it you can chic it up with jeans or slacks, a skirt, dressy shorts or printed pants… just about anything.

Dress it up and make it festive. Make it chic and glamour by adding a jacket or vest, stylish sunglasses, even a hat. Then sport your funniest shoes for the occasion. Adorn yourself with accessories such as long necklaces, bracelets and anklets. If you’re feeling particularly earthy, pick a flower and place it in your hair.

No matter how you chose to wear it, be comfortable and have fun!

Keep it chic darlings!