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Horse Farm Happenings - Lafayette Central Park

Aug 05, 2015 04:41PM ● By Press Release

Horse Farm Happenings

August 2015

Lafayette’s Horse Farm on Johnston Street is rapidly becoming the place for friends and family to gather for shopping, concerts and community events, such as the Farmer’s and Artisan Market, Levitt AMP Music Series and Cajun Jam.  In the near future, the Horse Farm will become an elaborate community park for even more enjoyable activities.

The park is currently being maintained by the Lafayette Consolidated Government.  Lafayette Central Park, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Lafayette Consolidated Government.  Pre-leasing conditions must be met by January 2017 and once so, LCP will be able enact a 99 year lease from the city and begin to operate and maintain the property at that time.  Construction must begin by July 2017 and is expected to take up 18 months to complete. 

 Lafayette Central Park, (LCP) with the help of over 7,400 citizens’ opinions, conducted over many months through workshops and online surveys, has created a master vision for the park so that it may offer residents and visitors of Acadiana many unique and memorable experiences that you cannot find elsewhere in our region.  This landmark park will be a regional draw, creating an unparalleled and a signature community hub for outdoor enjoyment.  It will increase our quality of life, and make our great region even more enjoyable and attractive to families and individuals living here now, and those who are considering relocation. The park will includes things like walking and biking trails, a new pond, a farmer’s market and event pavilion, a natural amphitheater, tree houses, a dog park, a ravine garden and canopy boardwalk, and much, much more.  

Most recently, tree trimming, constructed walkways and an upgraded sewer line have contributed to the beginning stages of the beautification of the property.  Additionally, a private residence off of South College is being built adjacent to the park property, and while many people believe it is one of the park buildings, it’s actually just an excited Lafayette resident looking forward to having a park-front home!  

Lafayette Central Park is currently working with the designers to develop the construction documents needed to build the park, while also focusing on fundraising.  Currently, they are in the “silent phase” of fundraising, focusing on getting donations in place before asking for the community to help complete the successful campaign.  As an extra incentive, the lead donor has earned the right to name the park by donating a substantial gift.  The new name will be announced at a later date.  Stay tuned!  

For more information regarding future plans for the park, visit,, or follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @LFTCentralPark. Additional event schedules can be seen at or