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Mom did WHAT in college?

Aug 07, 2015 02:36PM ● By Press Release

Have you ever wondered how your parents looked or what they accomplished in college? Well, if they attended SLI, USL or ULL there’s no need to wonder anymore, because their old yearbooks are now online!  

Made possible by a STEP (Student Technology Enhancement Program) grant, the University 

  of Louisiana at Lafayette has recently digitized their entire collection of its L’Acadien yearbooks dating back to 1912!

Find your mom, dad, grandparents [even great grandparents] or just browse the archives to see what higher education looked like more than 100 years ago.  

Just like our Cajun heritage, ULL possesses its own unique history; from its humble beginnings in 1898 as SLII to current day ULL.

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History Links:

          1898-1921: Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (SLII)

          1921-1960: Southwestern Louisiana Institute (SLI)

          1960-1999: University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL)

          1999-present: University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) 

 These beautifully preserved publications give everyone direct access to discover the history of the university through text and photographs; and offer a very unique look at the path taken that enabled ULL to become not only a focal point of the community, but the world renown university it is today.  

Prior to this digitization, one must have either possessed a copy of the original yearbook or visited the campus archives to view these historical books. Now the entire collection is available to everyone online free of charge at