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Tailgating in Acadiana

Sep 04, 2015 03:46PM ● By Press Release

Geaux Team Geaux!!! ...and bring me some more sausage off the pit!

There’s no doubt Acadiana loves its football… Be it High School, College or Pro, rest assured when game day rolls around, we’ll be brandishing our team colors like there’s no tomorrow. From jerseys, hats and aprons to napkins, koozies and foam fingers; we’re proud of our team and loyal to the core.  

This is Cajun Country, where family, friends, football and food come together like ducks on a pond to tailgate and pay homage to the home team. The game may not start until sundown, but rest assured by dawns light they’ll be a group of diehard fans setting up tents, lighting their pits and cooking down roux as they prep for a full day of cooking, feeding and entertaining the masses.

For the old pros, the anticipation has been building for months. They’ve got their game day game plan memorized and the truck is loaded and ready to geaux!

For the rookie tailgater, the difference between having a great day or being flat out miserable or embarrassed can be as simple as knowing a few basic rules, so listen up, this next part is for you…   

> Dress to impress! Not really, wear your team colors, but dress smart and comfortable. Dress for the conditions [Hot, cold, wind or rain]. NOTE: Under no circumstances is it acceptable to wear Purple and Gold to a UL game unless they are playing each other!!!  

> Planning ahead. Chances are you’ll be meeting friends at a designated spot, so coordinate with them to make sure you have the basics covered. From the menu to cooking utensils, drinks and clean-up supplies, failing to plan or forgetting something here can make for a long day.     

> What to bring? Ample water, ice, food & drinks, sunscreen, re-sealable containers and bags, wet-wipes, trash bags, paper towels and plates, utensils, games for the kids and folding chairs. Remember, if you haul it in, you’re going to have to haul it out, so pack as much as you can in large plastic containers.

> When to arrive? That depends. Are you in charge of cooking? Can you drive to your tailgating spot or do you have to carry everything in? How far from the stadium is your spot? Chances are you’ll need to be there at least 3 to 4 hours prior to the kickoff if you’re going to have time to help set up, cook, socialize, eat and get to your seats on time.

> Game day etiquette. Tailgating should be enjoyable for everyone. Meet your tailgating neighbors, share your food, chat with visiting fans and share the love of Acadiana, then Geaux to the game and cheer for your team!!!    

Allons y’all… it’s TAILGATING time!!!

Geaux Cajuns!