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Five Steps To Eliminating Sugar In Your Diet

Oct 07, 2015 03:42PM ● By Flint Zerangue, Sr.
SUGAR. IT TASTES SO GOOD, BUT CAN WREAK HAVOC ON OUR BODY, causing everything from weight gain to inflammation; blood sugar roller coasters to difficulty sleeping at night. While it’s always around us, as we get closer to Halloween, it starts the beginning of the sugar avalanche moving into the holiday season.

GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. Lack of sleep effects 
our decision making and can cause insulin resistance, which can lead to more cravings for sugar. 

Choosing items such 

eggs, avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, nut butters, 
and cheese can help to stabilize blood sugar 
throughout the day, preventing sugar cravings 
long into the afternoon. If you are living on the 
wild side you can include meats that are not 
your typical breakfast option, such as chicken or 
meatballs as part of your breakfast fare. 

DEAL WITH STRESS. Stressful situations 
increase the hormone cortisol, which stimulates 
your appetite and triggers emotional eating. 
While we can’t completely get rid of stress, 
finding some ways to deal with it are crucial. 
Consider calling a friend, laughing, going for 
a walk, or taking time for deep breathing or 
meditation when you feel the stress creeping up. 

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Hunger doesn’t follow 
a clock, so it’s important to listen to your body and 
allow yourself to eat before you become ravenous. 
You will be able to make a more appropriate 
decision about what to feed yourself if you are 
not famished.

AND SNACKS. All meals and snacks should 
have some healthy fat and protein. Eating just a 
bag of pretzels or an apple for an afternoon snack 
may not be enough to avoid sugar cravings after 
dinner. Add a slice of cheese to your apple and 
guacamole to your pretzels will move you in the 
right direction. 

The temptation for sweetness doesn’t necessarily 
go away easily. Setting yourself up for success will 
ensure you aren’t haunted by sugar constantly. 

 About the author: Daphne is a food passionista, farm girl wanna-be and registered yet unconventional dietitian with a private practice – My Food Coach. She focuses on unprocessed, real food and balancing the diet with your lifestyle.

Daphne Olivier