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The App for Budget Conscious Families

Nov 01, 2015 11:31AM ● By News Desk

Everyone knows that raising a family is expensive. A routine trip to the grocery store for basic necessities can easily cost a hundred dollars or more. For years cost conscious shoppers have clipped coupons or price matched. Although effective, these methods can be tremendously time consuming.

Luckily, with modern technology there are more efficient ways to save on those items you’ve been clipping coupons and price matching on for decades. One such method to save time and money is the Walmart app and its “Savings Catcher” feature. Savings Catcher allows you to shop at Walmart then scan the barcode on your receipt. The app will automatically search eligible items on your receipt against the advertised deals offered by top competitors in your area. If a lower advertised price is found, Walmart will give you back the difference on a Walmart eGift card.  

FACE decided to test the app. Upon downloading, we were required to enter a username and password. After a quick shopping trip for the office, we scanned the receipts barcode using the app on our smartphone. Once accepted, the app went to work comparing our purchase prices with over 67 competitors and within a day or so we received a message letting us know what we had saved. It was that simple…

There are a few things to know such as having to scan your receipt within 7 day of purchase

 and that refunds are not available immediately, but for the most part it’s a simple and efficient way to save time and money shopping for household necessities.    

We spoke with several busy moms about their use of the app and all told us they saved an average of 6% to 8% on almost every receipt. Danielle Mueller, a resident of Lafayette, told FACE, “I’ve been using the WalMart app since last December and have saved over $200 already.”

From our research, Savings Catcher is a low maintenance option for Acadiana families on a budget. The ease of the process was impressive. Results will vary individually. However, a savings of any kind can go a long way when feeding a family.