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The "Baking" Technique

Jan 05, 2016 10:06AM ● By Press Release

Many of us already know about the obsession of contouring but not many know about the process of baking.The baking process isn't exactly new. Makeup artists have been using this technique for years to get that perfect highlight and finish on a client’s face.

Baking is an incredible way to set makeup and give your skin a creaseless, beautiful finish that can last all day. Ever since I tried this technique, there has not been one day where I do not do it. I have found that my skin is left with such an airbrushed look that lasts literally all day.

First, gather up your favorite foundation, concealer, and loose translucent or banana powder. Prime your face and apply your foundation as you normally do. There is no special way to do this.

After that, you will take your concealer and apply it under eyes and on forehead and chin. Most people use a concealer that is either one or a few shades lighter than their foundation to give a highlighted look to the areas applied.

Once you have done this, you will take a tool (I used a cosmetic sponge — use whatever you like) and tap the powder onto the areas where you applied concealer. I use a generous amount of powder but you can use however much will work for you.

Let the powder set for about 10 minutes. What I do to hurry up the process is do my eyebrows and sometimes depending on the amount of time I have, I will do my eye makeup as well while I wait. After the time is up, you will then want to take a brush and lightly sweep off the excess powder and see the transformation. Your skin will look phenomenal — a poreless, matte finish that everyone will awe over!

By Madelyn Meaux


Madelyn Meaux lives in Lafayette and has a passion for makeup. The “Baking” Technique is an edited excerpt from her beauty blog, which can be found at