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How to Rock the High-Waisted Look

Jan 05, 2016 10:19AM ● By Press Release

There are plenty of body types out there and not all fashion trends are a one size fits all. However, mostly everyone (with the exception of the short, pear shaped ladies) can make the high-waisted look work for them. Here are a few tips to compliment your body when wearing high waist skirts, pants and shorts.

A supportive, push up bra is important, especially for well endowed women. You don’t want sagging because it will “close off” the space between the chest and belly button—making your torso appear non-existent.

Tucking shirts in is a must. When choosing a top, opt for one with thin material so that it isn’t bulking once tucked in.

On the other hand, if you’ve been dying to sport a crop top but are tummy shy, high waisted pants are the perfect opportunity to wear it with confidence.

 Consider a solid color for both tops and shorts making you appear taller. A skinny or wide belt helps seal the look together.  

When choosing a belt, go darker if you want to add width to a thin waist and lighter if you are trying to create that hour glass look.

Pants with a high waist should have room in the legs, bringing attention to your butt. The flowing look of the flared legs are perfect for thick bottomed gals.

A high waisted skirt should fall no shorter than the knees for long legged women to avoid being “all legs.” For women with short legs, a shorter skirt will create the illusion of height.

Break out your favorite pair of heels…they are a must have when putting this look together. Flats will make the legs appear stumpy, which is the opposite effect that you’re going for. You want to be tall and confident when you strut this look!