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PoeticSoul's Scattered Thoughts

Jan 05, 2016 11:11AM ● By News Desk

A fiercely determined Lafayette native, known by her stage name, PoeticSoul, is quickly gaining a local, national and worldwide fan base for her spoken word performances. Poetic’s passion is imminent during her powerful deliveries of poetry with a purpose. She is the owner and host of Lyrically Inclined, a local monthly show of spoken word artists.

 Her first album, titled Scattered Thoughts, has recently been released, containing spoken word poetry set to background music. The tracks of Scattered Thoughts were inspired by PoeticSoul’s life experiences and spiritual growth, addressing a variety of topics. She tells FACE, “We all go through an array of battles in life [such as] racism, dysfunctional family life and so much confusion. I pray someone gains as much healing as I did from this album.”

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, the 29 year old marketing major doesn’t let anything slow her down. Between her studies at ULL, teaching creative writing at the Lafayette Parish Juvenile Detention Center and working as a teaching artist for non-profits — The Festival of Words Cultural Arts Collective and Project S.O.U.N.D., she makes time for her monthly medical treatments. Never feeling sorry for herself, she says, “I work very hard to keep my cognition and mobility intact. I think my warrior mentality and God has kept me as I am — standing and still able to perform so powerfully.” 

PoeticSoul desires to start a movement with spoken word poetry which will inspire people to be fearless — to speak up and be heard. When asked what the most important message she hopes to convey to others, she responds, “No matter what the rest of the world tells you, never ever give up. No matter what is against you, you must believe, with your all, that you will not lose. We all have weak moments. How quickly you get out of that weak moment is what matters. "

The self-proclaimed entrepreneur also recently released a video for The Policy, a track from Scattered Thoughts and will have an album release party in January. The album and tracks can be found online at ITunes, Spotify, Amazon and many others. For more information and updates, follow PoeticSoul on social media: PoeticSoul337 and LyricallyInclined337.