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Improve Your Appearance with these 13 Super Foods

Jan 08, 2016 09:45AM ● By Press Release

Improve Your Appearance With These 13 Super Foods

There is no scientific definition of a super food but many people collectively refer to foods that have several healthy dietary properties as “super foods.” Experts agree. Eating healthy and being mindful of what you are putting in your body not only helps your overall health but it can also help your appearance. Add the following foods to your dietary intake to maximize your natural beauty.


Fight wrinkles and acne with this berry loaded with antioxidants.

Wild Salmon

Keep skin moisturized with wild salmon, which contains omega-3 fatty acids. The vitamin D will keep your bones (posture) and teeth strong and healthy while the mineral selenium will aid in protecting your skin from sun damage. The elastin and collagen produced by this super food maintains youthful looking skin.


Want your eyes to sparkle? Keep them healthy with this leafy green that contains lutein.


The zinc found in oysters aids in cell renewal and repair, keeping nails, hair, and eyes healthy.


Containing lycopene, cooked tomatoes help fight aging of the skin and reduce overall redness.


For smooth skin, bright eyes, strong bones and healthy hair, grab your daily dose of omega-3 and vitamin E by eating a handful of walnuts as a midday snack.


Your nails, teeth and posture will thank you for the daily dose of calcium found in yogurt.


Remove toxins from your body, escalating circulation with the vitamin K found in this super food. Kale also has anti-inflammatory benefits for reducing skin’s puffiness.


Mangos contain carotenoids that improve dull looking skin by enhancing the tone and color resulting in a rosy glow.


Got cellulite? Dehydrate fat cells with coffee to reduce the appearance of unwanted dimples. For those of you trying to reduce your coffee intake, consider making a topical scrub with coffee grounds and apply directly to problem areas.


Keep your skin glowing by stocking up on avocados, which supply the skin with hydration due to its healthy fat and phytonutrient properties.

Red Bell Peppers

Eat red bell peppers, which are high in vitamin C, to prevent sagging and inflammation of the skin.


High levels of flavonols in dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa, eaten in moderation, will keep skin hydrated, protected and firm.