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Cosmetic Enhancements

Jan 08, 2016 01:07PM ● By Ren Campbell

The past decade has brought about tremendous advancements in cosmetic procedures and enhancements. Surgical, non-surgical, fillers, lasers, injectables, rejuvenation and body sculpting are just a few of the many procedures being performed around the world and throughout Southern Louisiana.

With more and more adults in the US seeking cosmetic assistance for everything from mole or hair removal to complete body lifts, this multi-billion dollar a year industry continues to show double digit growth with no end in sight.  

While some will argue that any cosmetic procedure is a lesson in futility, studies show that even the most basic procedure can have a profound effect on one's self-esteem and quality of life.

Be Smart – Be Informed

If you’re contemplating a cosmetic procedure in the near future, there are a number of important things to consider before making a commitment. Do your homework on the subject and consider things such as cost, recovery time, long term effects, short term effects, possible complications/risks, etc. If you’re still interested in moving forward, set up a consultation with a local expert who specializes in your desired procedure. Have a list of questions ready to discuss during your consultation. While in the office, observe the condition of the facility and the helpfulness of the staff; discuss the qualifications of the doctor or practitioner who will be performing the procedure in addition to the realistic expectations you’re looking to achieve.

If you’re considering elective surgery, a good Cosmetic Surgeon will screen you as well to ensure you are in a healthy mental state prior to surgery. It is important to discuss your mental health with a professional. They can help you sort through any doubts you may have about surgery and if it is right for you and your body.

The consultation should be informative and leave you feeling confident in whatever decision you make. If you feel pressured to make a decision before you’re ready or if you don’t feel comfortable with the doctor, practitioner or staff — thank them for their time and leave!  

What’s trending for 2016?

Experts are anticipating more women will choose buttocks contouring, breast reduction or more proportionate implants for their body types. Lip, chin and neck enhancements are the new must have for women while men will be seeking to get their chest or eyelids done in 2016. Lasers, injectables, fillers and non-surgical procedures will continue to be HOT for years to come.

What the experts say

According to recent studies, the psychological aspect of receiving one or more cosmetic enhancement procedures can have a wide range of benefits, including a reduction in anxiety and social phobias along with improvements in goal attainment, life satisfaction, mental and physical health, and self-esteem. The study also noted that pre-procedure expectations matter when assessing the psychological well-being of patient post-procedure. If a patient had unrealistically high expectations of what the procedure would accomplish for them, they were more likely to be disappointed and wind up less happy than they were to begin with.

Considering the above and placing your well-being first, if you’re looking for a better you and you’ve done your homework on the subject, a cosmetic procedure may be right for you.

South Louisiana is fortunate to have an incredible list of highly qualified doctors and practitioners who specialize in the field of cosmetic enhancement. Make an informed decision and you’ll most likely be happy with the outcome.  

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NOTICE: This article provides general information on the subject and should not be used to replace or substitute professional medical advice.