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Five Ways Coconut Oil Can Improve Your Looks

Feb 04, 2016 02:04PM ● By News Desk

If you are having problems with your hair and skin, there may be one remedy you haven't tried yet. It doesn't come in an expensive bottle, it doesn't have a fancy name and it doesn't have a long list of scary ingredients. It is just one simple product in a jar that will give you amazing results. It is coconut oil.

Coconut oil will look different when you see it on the shelf depending on one factor—the temperature. When it is cold, the oil solidifies into a white cream, and when it is warm it melts into a colorless liquid. Both are coconut oil. Be sure to choose organic unrefined coconut oil. While it may seem more expensive than some other oils, it has many uses, including cooking, and lasts a long time, so it is good value. Here are five ways coconut oil can be used to overcome skin and hair problems.

Coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment

Your hair can get stressed out by many things—the most common thing being overuse of hair products and environmental factors, such as cigarette smoke. Regular conditioners can add to the problems your hair copes with, as conditioners contain many additives. When your hair can't cope anymore, it is time for a deep conditioning treatment. Coconut oil is perfect for this because it is simply natural oil, and no more. You will need an old towel and a quarter of a cup of coconut oil. If the oil is solid, give it half a minute in the microwave to melt, but do not make it hot. It must be cool (or only warm) when you put it on your hair.

Rub the oil into your scalp, and along the shafts of your hair. Make sure it is completely coated. Cover with the towel and leave for about 4-5 hours before washing out with a plain baby shampoo. You can also leave it in overnight with a cap to stop it staining your pillow. The result will be silky soft hair that feels as if it has been deep cleansed, and a scalp free of irritation. Do this once a week to keep your hair and scalp in tip top condition. This treatment is also beneficial for hair loss, dandruff and split ends.

Coconut oil for very dry skin

Extremes of weather can cause dry patches on your skin, particularly as you go from cold 

 weather to a warm room and vice versa. If you have dry scaly patches around your eyes, nose and mouth, they can be unsightly as well as uncomfortable. The best way to treat these problem patches is to slather them with coconut oil several times a day until the dryness is gone. It usually doesn't take long. Dry, sore patches caused by sunburn and windburn can also be treated this way, although in the case of sunburn it is always better to wait until the area has cooled.

Coconut oil as a makeup remover

Makeup removers can be expensive, and due to the use of additives, can often irritate the skin. But your trusty jar of coconut oil will make this late night chore a breeze. Just scoop up a little coconut oil on your fingers and smooth it over your makeup. Then use a tissue or a cotton ball to whisk it all away. It takes no time at all, it completely cleans your face and it is good for your skin as well.

Coconut oil as a shaving cream

Nothing could be simpler - just smooth coconut oil on your skin, and shave. No other treatment or preparation is necessary. It works for both sexes, and all shaving areas. The oil moisturizes and gives a smooth shave at the same time, with no rashes caused by chemical additives.

Coconut oil for acne

Acne is not caused by eating chocolate or deep fried food—it is an infection caused by bacteria building up in the sebum glands on the skin. An infection on the skin is easily spread by touching it, and so the result is an outbreak of acne. Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so it is a powerful treatment for skin infections. It heals quickly and thoroughly. When applied to acne and taken internally (coconut oil is quite safe to ingest) it soon clears up embarrassing spots.

Coconut oil can be used every day in many ways. Try it for head lice, cuts, wounds and rough skin, and use it after gardening to keep hands soft and clean. One jar of coconut oil instead of several expensive jars of skin cream, hand cream, conditioner and other special treatments can mean real savings—and it is much more effective.