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5 Things Happy Couples Do

Feb 12, 2016 07:27PM ● By News Desk

While everyone wants their relationship to be a joyous success, some couples are undeniably better at maintaining a wonderful, loving relationship. Luckily, the rest of us can learn from these happiest of couples. Read on to discover the five most common habits of the best couples.

1. Compromise. A true relationship can't be one-sided; it must be a genuine partnership. That means that both parties must be willing to give up ground sometimes. It doesn't really matter how sure each person might be that they are correct—a compromise still has to be found. Otherwise, distrust, resentment, and other relationship-killing emotions will build up in each partner.

2. They do things together. Couples must try to grow together, rather than apart. A key aspect of feeling close to another person is doing things with that person. The happiest couples love being around each other, and have numerous activities and hobbies that they share an interest in. The more positive experiences two people enjoy with each other, the closer their bond will be.

3. They express their love. Sometimes, as a relationship progresses, two partners slowly stop expressing their feelings for each other. Of course, this won't make for a strong, happy relationship. Even if a person knows how their partner feels, they still need to actually hear it, which is why the happiest couples say "I love you" so often.

4. They talk about their problems. No matter how great a relationship is, there are still going to be differences, and even major arguments. Happy couples have learned that talking frankly and openly about their problems is the best approach to finding a solution. Otherwise, the issue will never be solved, and resentment and mistrust will grow.

5. They forgive. Everyone makes mistakes. People who expect perfection, or who never let their partner forget about an old error, won't have successful relationships. Since everyone does bad things sometimes, dwelling on these errors is pointless. The better way is to move forward and focus on the future through forgiveness.

Maintaining a truly happy, successful relationship is without a doubt hard work. However, as the examples of the happiest couples prove, great relationships are also very possible. Imitating these five habits of happy couples will help.