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Rose Color Guide

Feb 12, 2016 08:18PM ● By News Desk

Most human beings appreciate flowers, male or female—whether it’s a dozen or just one or three. Roses have been long associated with Valentine’s Day and romantic love—red roses in particular. But did you know that different color roses have different meanings? This guide will give you a quick reference when gifting roses to everyone from your boss to your teen.

Give Red Roses to show love: Red represents deep, romantic love. Give these to your significant other or someone whom you would like to be your significant other.

Give Yellow Roses to show friendship: Yellow represents companionship. These roses are also given as a “get well” gesture for the ailing.

Give Lavender Roses to show admiration: Lavender roses are a grand gesture to show strong admiration someone like a boss or someone you just met, whom you’d like to spend more time with.

Give Pink Roses to show appreciation: Pink represents love, gratitude and appreciation which could be perfect to say thanks to your parents, boss, secretary, friends and co-workers.

Give White Roses to represent sympathy and understanding: White represents purity so it pairs well with any “spiritual” part of life such as birth, death, marriage and sacraments.

Give Orange Roses to show encouragement: Orange exudes enthusiasm. Encourage those high school and college graduates, not to mention anyone who has recently accomplished a goal or feat, no matter how small.

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