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Grumpy Grandma, "Where's Bob Dole?"

Mar 03, 2016 10:55AM ● By Grumpy Grandma

Bonjour ma Cajun friends! It’s me again; opinionated columnist and general know-it-all Mrs. Nettie Mae Avec Domino.

First I want to thank the good lord for dat Lent season and Easter, dats a good thing he done done for us on dat cross. Amen!

Now, what the Hell is wrong with the people??? Pickin on dat beautiful man, Mr. Capt. Clay Higgins… He’s fighten crime and arresting those villain’s. But some of the people say he talken mean… They say, “…Uncle Clay can’t talk like dat to the thugs, they got rights!” Well so do the people who want to live in a safe town… Huh, ole Nettie Mae say, “Deal with it people! The first amendment goes both ways! So leave dat man alone so him and the utter law mens can protect and serve!” *** Now he done resigned and I don't know what to do! Mon Dieu!!!!

Next, on to Mr. Pas bon himself poor ole Kanye West, sayin he’s now $53 million dollars in dept and is axen for money... Hey tete dur, nobody cares!!! Suck it up Hoss!!!

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Now, as for as for the Presidential election, Dis one’s gonna put me to ma grave, I swear!

Left wing… Right wing… it don’t matter, it’s still a chicken folks and all I’m hearing is a whole lotta cluckin for nuttin! Dat election is over a year away and a whole lotta things can happen before then.  Ya see, Ole Nettie Mae been watching dat TMZ and BBC and when I read between the lines, it’s clear to me what’s gonna happen… Hillary gonna get indicted. Bernie gonna slip a disc and fall out da race. Cruz gonna be exposed in a farm animal scandal. Rubio, he still stuck on those talking points and trying to get a date to the prom, so he ain’t going nowhere, and finally—speaking of tete dur—there’s The Donald… really! Dat man got some nerve sayin dat Mexico gonna have to pay for a wall. Everybody know China owns the US & Mexico, so China gonna have to pay for it, plus, he kinda mean… So, with everybody out, there’s only one possibility… Bob Dole! I’m just sayin…

Dats it for now, but I’m gonna be back next month with some updates and more predictions.

Until next time, Au revoir y’all,

Mrs. Nettie Mae Avec Domino