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Mar 15, 2016 05:40PM ● By Press Release


This eye look is so simple, yet it adds so much to your appearance. The browns in the crease give your eyes a look of dimension while making your eye color pop! It’s so simple and easy to achieve.

1. I started off priming my eyelids with an eye shadow primer. I then applied my transition shade, a light brown color, onto my crease. I made sure to blend this as well as I could using a fluffy brush.

2. I began to darken up my crease by using various shades of brown eyeshadow. Try and keep the eye shadows on your crease only. If it gets a little messy and falls onto your lid, that is fine because we will be cleaning the lid in a little bit.

3. This is the only tricky part in this look. I used a very small and flat eye shadow brush and dipped it into my concealer. You can easily use a skin color cream eyeshadow for this if you like. It will give you the same effect. I began to carve out my lid using the product on the brush. You can pretend it is an eye shadow and just place it on your entire lid from the inner lid to the outer lid. Keep this away from your crease. This will give the effect of a "cut crease".

4. I took a very light pale color eyeshadow and packed it on top of where we just applied the concealer/cream eyeshadow.

5. For eyeliner, I made one simple line above my lash line using felt tip liquid eyeliner. If you’re a beginner with liquid liner, I recommend starting with a felt tip. It’s a lot easier to control.

6. I applied the same shade I used for my transition shade, the light brown, to my lower lash line. I didn't want to leave my lower lash line empty. After this, I applied mascara to my upper and lower lashes and blended my crease a tiny bit more. Blending is key—always remember that!

I paired this eye look with a brownish nude lipstick. What you choose to wear on your lips can always complete a very nice eye shadow look! This beautiful eye shadow can be worn on any occasion. It’s so natural and perfect for the day time. If you want to wear this at night, you can always use darker shades in the crease.


This look is one of my favorites and perfect for a night out, no matter where you’re headed. Dark smokey eyes give you a look of fierceness and confidence while the pop of shimmer completes the look, giving you a cute and pretty feel.

1. I started off priming my eye lids with an eyeshadow primer. I then applied my transition shade, a light brown color, onto the crease of my eyelid. I made sure to blend this as well as I could using a fluffy brush.

2. I applied a dark plum/purple shade onto the lid only. Be careful with this step because if you bring it any higher than the lid, it could cause you to look like you have a black eye.

3. I then took a big fluffy brush and buffed out that plum color. Do this step slowly and make sure you get it as blended as possible. You want the effect of no harsh lines or strokes. (I didn't add any other color. When I blended the Plum color, the purple hues got a little washed out.)

4. For the next step, I applied a tiny amount of gold cream eyeshadow to the center of my lid. I wanted a sticky base down so when I applied my shimmer shade, it would enhance the shimmer and color. I then grabbed a very intense gold eye shadow and packed that on top of that cream eyeshadow base.

5. I applied false eyelashes to just the top lashes and I felt that it really completed this look. For my lower waterline, I applied that same Plum color and blended it out with a pencil brush under my waterline and then applied mascara. I put some little black pencil eyeliner onto my lower waterline and I felt that it really pulled things together!

 About the author: Madelyn Meaux lives in Lafayette and has a passion for makeup. This is an edited except from her beauty blog, which can be found at