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Back in the Day

May 11, 2016 10:14AM ● By News Desk

Remember this? 20 Years Ago in the spring of 1996

- Major League Soccer kicks off in front of an overflow crowd of 31,683 packed in Spartan Stadium to witness the historic first game. San Jose Clash forward Eric Wynalda scores the league's first goal in a 1–0 victory over D.C. United.

- Louisiana Ice Gators set All-Time Attendance record for ECHL Playoff Game at 11,042 in the Cajundome (Jacksonville vs. Louisiana, Riley Cup 1st Round, April 5, 1996)

- Fastest wind speed ever recorded (not in a tornado) was 253 mph in Barrow Island, Australia

- John Bobbitt is put under house arrest in Las Vegas for 120 days

- Sotherby ends 4 day auction of Jackie O. Kennedy’s stuff, taking in $34.5 million

- President Bill Clinton signs the Line Item Veto Act of 1996, granting the U.S. president line-item veto power. The Supreme Court of the United States later finds this law unconstitutional.

- A Boeing 737 military jet crashes into a mountain north of DubrovnikCroatia. All 35 people on board die, including United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

- The film, Fargo, was released.

- TV Land, an offshoot of the series Nick at Nite, debuts round-the-clock broadcasting of classic television shows.

- Texas brothers Patrick and Michael Graham approach FBI in New Orleans with information about alleged criminal activity involving elected officials in Louisiana, particularly Edwin Edwards.

- Lousay Aubé was inducted into The Acadian Museum’s Living Legends Program in Erath for his work as a traiteur (healer).