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Festival Survival Kit

May 11, 2016 11:07AM ● By News Desk

Louisiana isn’t called the Festival Capital of the world for nothing! 

Cajuns are famous for celebrating every crop and wild game under the sun, providing tourists and residents hundreds of festivals each year to choose from.

Festivals are typically family friendly but can quickly turn for the worst without a few handy items. Being prepared will ensure a great time for the whole family.

Pack a Festival Survival Kit and pass a good time!

  • Oversized Bag to carry everything you need.

  • Wet Wipes come in handy for messy outdoor play as well as cleaning faces and hands before and after meals.

  • Ibuprofen for unexpected headaches that threaten to ruin a good time.

  • Water bowl for pets.

  • Sunscreen, even on overcast days, reapplied as directed will help prevent sunburns.

  • Large Picnic Blanket is easier to throw in a bag and carry around than folding chairs and can be used by the whole family for sitting or napping.

  • Sunglasses and Hats for sunny days.

  • Disposable Ponchos and Rain Boots for rainy days.

  • Band-aids for minor scrapes and blisters from walking.

  • Cash for purchasing food and retail items.

  • I.D. Bracelets for your children with your cell phone number; making sure your children know what to do in case you get separated.

  • Portable Cell Phone Charger to ensure battery life for taking pictures of the many memories you’ll be making!

Modify the survival kit as needed; check the festival’s website making sure your intended items are permissible. Plan according to your kids’ ages, realistically allotting the right amount of time you intend to spend at the festival. With the right preparations, your entire family can enjoy some stress-free fun!

See some local festival favorites:

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