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Selecting the Right Interior Colors

May 11, 2016 11:27AM ● By Press Release

Decorating your home is an exciting event, and paint offers you the ability to make colorful changes to your home’s décor. You can create a dramatic difference and make your home reflect your family’s personality. It’s easier than you think, too. You just need to know where to start!

We have listed seven color areas below and the general color feelings that are associated with them. Explore each one to determine what base color may best suit your project and then review the palette of shades in that hue. Keep in mind that the lightness, darkness, or intensity of a color all must be considered in determining the overall effect that will be presented.

Red is generally considered an energetic color. If you wish to design a stimulating area that motivates, promotes alertness and enhances activity, select the red color family. The effect of this color creates vitality, encourages achievement, enhances activity, increases pulse rate, nurtures passion, promotes alertness and stimulates excitement.

Orange is generally considered an active color. If you wish to create an active setting that promotes movement and excitement, select the orange color family. The effect of this color creates a fun atmosphere, encourages movement, invites friendliness, promotes a pleasurable spirit and suggests joyfulness.

Yellow is generally considered an innovative color. If you wish to develop a creative atmosphere which nurtures a sense of freedom, select the yellow color family. The effect of this color encourages spontaneity, inspires creativity, has a lightness of spirit, raises alertness level and suggests a feeling of serendipity.

Green is generally considered a calm color. If you wish to compose a color scheme that provides a relaxing ambience and incorporates the feeling of stillness, select the green color family. The effect of this color enhances concentration, facilitates judgment, nurtures relaxation, provides a refreshing atmosphere, renews the spirit and suggests a thoughtful essence.

Blue is generally considered a serene color. If you wish to provide a soothing environment which will offer a relaxing and peaceful surrounding, select the blue color family. The effect of this color creates a calming spirit, combats tension, offers serenity, promotes thoughtfulness, provides introspection, has a soothing nature and supports relaxation.

Violet is generally considered an inspirational color. If you wish to create a sensitive environment that nurtures a sense of balance and purpose, select the violet color family. The effect of this color allows meditation, balances thought, expresses mystery, invites surprise, promotes elegance and has a sensitive nature.

Beige and Grey are generally considered conservative, sophisticated colors. If you wish to create a thoughtful environment that exudes a feeling of comfort, select the color palette of beiges and greys. The effects of these colors suggest a comfortable attitude, imply stability and sophistication, promote a secure feeling, suggest a subtle environment and have a versatile nature.