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Grumpy Grandma

Jun 03, 2016 01:26PM ● By Grumpy Grandma

Bonjour ma Cajun friends—it’s me again; opinionated columnist and general know-it-all Mrs. Nettie Mae Avec Domino.

Well da school year done ended and I’m proud to say my little grandson done finally made it out of the 4th grade. I want to thank all of those teachers who put up with him and his momma while they all tried to learn dat damn Common Core math… what da heck is dat? I looked at his homework one night and to me doing math like dat is like driving to Opelousas from Lafayette by way of Lake Charles…No wonder it took three tries at da 4th grade (Congrats T-Boy!).

But let me tell you what… It’s da teachers dat really got it bad. From da rules always changing and da way they have to teach, to crazy parents who think their lil precious can’t do no wrong. How you gonna control dat lil wild child? You can’t swat Lil Jon on da butt after he walks across da cafeteria table or talks back to da teacher… Well, ole Nettie Mae got da perfect solution for dat… “Body Cams” Dat’s right, I think every teacher should wear body cameras to help protect themselves when da childrens dats out of control. Those teachers don’t have time to keep going to da office to talk to da parents about why lil precious got recess detention. “…just look at da tape woman, your kid is Bad!!!”  Pauve ti bête… Suck it up mom. And dat’s why da teachers need time off during da summer…so they don’t go crazy or something.

Now mes amis, now dat da handsome Mr. Uncle Clay Higgins has officially said dat he gonna run for Congress, as soon as he gets elected, I’m gonna ask him to order those Body Cams to help protect da teachers. Amens

Thank y’all for your time. Check back next month because I got a whole lot to say about the presidential election!!!

Until next time, Au revoir y’all,

Nettie Mae