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Life Hacks: Cheat Sheet for DIY Self Tanning

Jun 03, 2016 02:52PM ● By News Desk

Choose a Method

Tinted moisturizers: This builds a gradual tan, applying daily.

Foam Self Tanners: Fast drying, best for experienced users.

Lotion Self Tanners: Better for beginners, easier to blend.

Spray Tan: Good for all over coverage and hard to reach places.

Choose A Shade

Consult a professional or the shade suggestion from the product itself.

Start with 1-2 shades darker, applying twice a week.


Shower and exfoliate your skin with a washcloth.

After drying thoroughly, apply moisturizer to dry spots such as elbows to prevent splotching.

Use form fitting lightweight rubber gloves.

Apply following your chosen method, following product instructions carefully.

Remove gloves and blend into your hand color where the sun would naturally hit and gradually fading into the naturally lighter parts.

Avoid Swimming and Bathing for 6-8 hours post application allowing the tan to set.

The more you practice, the better you will get. Happy Tanning!