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Need to make some extra cash?

Jun 03, 2016 01:57PM ● By Press Release

Need to make some extra cash?

So you want to make a little extra money this summer? Better yet, you need money and you’re just plain looking for a job. Well, in a tough economy (such as ours), check your ego at the door and knock on a few doors. This list of full and part-time jobs can really put some money in your pocket, and who knows—they may just lead to bigger and better things.

  1. Tutor a struggling middle school or high school student

  2. Become English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor

  3. Start babysitting for friends or family

  4. Deliver pizza or become a Waiter Delivery Driver

  5. Become an Uber driver

  6. Clean homes or offices

  7. Offer Yard work services

This is a starter list and by no means complete. It may not be easy but there are options for you. To optimize your success, consider your experience and talents to come up with innovative ways to make money. Mostly importantly, remember to ask friends and family for referrals and recommendations. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities are out there once you start looking.