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Sour Sedans Releases Second Album

Jul 01, 2016 11:39AM ● By News Desk
By: Kisha Kana

Sour Sedans released their second album titled The Fix on March 29, 2016; a follow up to their debut album Taste It. Fans will notice a shift in sound from Southern-rock to a bluesy/funk style as the band members have melted their diverse musical styles into their own sound, which has been compared to the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Keys.

The four original members were each in search of starting a band and found each other on Craigslist. Sour Sedans was founded and formed. Five years later, Flint Zerangue, Jr., Ryan Cazares and Eric Bospflug are still going strong with a replaced drummer, Thylar Cahanin joining the group a couple of years ago.

Wanting to do a record with Cahanin, the band composed The Fix based on the ups and downs of being musicians. Cazares explains, “It [being a musician] can be very rewarding, but it can also be very difficult. We absolutely love playing shows and recording music, but everything involved with that is very hard work, and I don’t know if we, as a society, recognize this anymore when we can stream music almost anywhere for free.”

Sour Sedans are gaining a fan base through self promotion and a heavy presence on Facebook, equipped with show schedules and giveaways. Their music can be purchased through their website, on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and various other online retailers.

Playing statewide, the band members express excitement when playing locally at places such as Feed N Seed, Blue Moon Saloon and Artmosphere. They were also in Festival International’s 2015 lineup. July 2nd, they lent their talent to raise funds for the Orlando victims at Bolt Night Club.

Being from a place that has an influx of musical talent has a downfall, as some feel the community takes these talents for granted. Sour Sedans sometimes have a hard time competing with the Cajun/Zydeco genre when it comes to live performances. “So many musicians of different genres such as rock, folk, reggae and funk call Lafayette home but seem to go under the radar.  The world craves our music, forcing us to branch out of town but we would like to see more interest locally as we love playing here,” says Zerangue.

The future of Sour Sedans lies in the hands of their diverse fans. They are well on their way to becoming a regional success performing statewide with plans to branch out to Mississippi and Texas. In addition to their regular shows, Sour Sedans have been the opening act to big bands Cheap Trick, Fuel, Sevendust, Trapt, and Pop Evil, among others. You can catch them at their next show on July 15th at Blue Moon Saloon.

Fun Fact: Each year, Sour Sedans put together a show called “The Melting Pot Show”. They invite four other local bands to join and each band takes turns playing the other bands’ songs. Follow them on Facebook for updated information and show dates and time. You can also visit