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Look and Feel Your Best This Summer

Jul 01, 2016 04:14PM ● By Press Release

(Family Features)

After months of being crammed in closed-toe shoes, it could be time to give your feet a little extra love. Or perhaps it’s time to lighten up your locks, update your wardrobe or give your skin a little more color. Beyond how these little things make you look on the outside, they also make you feel great on the inside.

Pamper yourself

You can give your body some extra attention through a wide variety of feel-good activities. Take advantage of these ideas to pamper yourself during flip flop weather:

  • Relax with a massage. No matter if it’s 10 minutes or an all-day treatment, massages are incredibly relaxing and can help improve blood circulation – reducing pain and helping your body distribute heat.

  • Restore your nails. Not only can getting a manicure and pedicure make your nails look great, but they’re a great way to relax and offer health benefits such as skin exfoliation, callous removal and fungal infection prevention.

  • Recharge your hairdo. Getting your hair done can help you get a great new seasonal look and build confidence – not to mention repair damage such as split ends, heat damage from blow dryers or curling irons or use of the wrong products in your hair.

  • Refresh your wardrobe. Part of pampering yourself is wrapping your body in comfortable, attractive clothing. Go on a shopping spree to update your closet, or at least buy a new outfit for an upcoming event.

Making a spray tan a part of your spring beauty routine will help get you ready for summer not only with a healthy glow, but with more confidence. For more information, visit