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#IntentionalPositivity: STARTING OVER FOR FREE

Aug 01, 2016 01:11PM ● By Laurie James
#IntentionalPositivity: STARTING OVER FOR FREE

Helen Keller once said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” Ironically, Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. She is a beacon of inspiration for all women! Putting life into that kind of perspective gives us the opportunity to step back and evaluate our own journeys.

Are you in the middle of a separation or inevitable divorce? Do you need a job because your spouse recently lost his job? Are you re-entering the workforce armed only with a perceived “stay-at-home mother” job description? Perhaps there’s another life situation hitting you squarely in the jaw that screams, “Girl, you need a job NOW!!” If so, read on!

The most valuable FREE resource for your job search is the Louisiana Workforce Commission website ( You will find comprehensive tools for your journey, including: 

Self-Assessment: Identify your professional strengths and talents. Options include: Matching your skills, interests & work values, and your occupation.

Check the Labor Market: This is where you’ll see how a specific occupation fares in your area. Other tools include: The job market explorer, career informer, and labor market services.

Find Schools and Educational Programs:

  1. Training Providers and Schools – Locate information on specific training providers and schools, including the programs they offer and their websites.

  2. Training and Educational Programs – Identify a training or educational program related to your occupation or field of interest.

  3. Educational Program Completers – Review the number of students that complete training and educational programs for an occupation.

  4. Financial Assistance Links – Explore potential sources of financial assistance for training programs of interest.

  5. Online Learning Resources – Discover websites offering a variety of FREE online learning and training courses to help you expand your knowledge and skills.

  6. Educational Profile Informer - Access labor marketing information on education programs in a selected area.

Our Louisiana government provides these and other services specifically designed to enhance your journey. And the exciting part is that you can relax and rebuild yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and professionally while heading down a potentially new lane of traffic on your probable road less travelled. As these services are FREE, they may not yield you the same results as hiring a professional, but they are easier on your wallet and will certainly give you a great place to begin. These steps might even reduce the cost of hiring a professional!

PS: We all have to navigate unchartered territories at some point in life. If we concentrate on pruning, we will remove the undesired elements, including drama, negative thinking and actions, self-judgment, guilt, and inevitable blame. When we focus on positivity, we yield a stronger harvest and a better life. Your One-Stop Career Shop


About the Author: Laurie J. James is one of the only 16 Master Career Directors globally. She co-founded and presided over the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association from 2000-2004. PRWRA rebranded to Career Directors in 2005. Laurie has created 10,000+ job-winning resumes in her career. She is a credentialed resume & LinkedIn profile writer, seasoned public speaker and award-winning career image coach. Visit her at