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Back to School Should Mean Back to You

Aug 01, 2016 01:06PM ● By Press Release
Back to School Should Mean Back to You

Mothers and fathers spend all of their time putting their families before themselves, even when it comes to healthcare and especially when it comes to feeling better about themselves. But with the kids getting ready to head off to school, now might be the time to put Mom and Dad first for a bit. Dr. Bennett Boustany Fontenot and Dr. Joseph P. Lupo usually see an increase in patients at their practice, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana, just as school gets into gear.

"Their time opens up, and now they can start taking their own needs into account. We want to help them feel on top of the world," says Dr. Fontenot, "feeling better can go a long way in the life of a busy mother."

"Just because it's cosmetic, doesn't mean it's unimportant," explains Dr. Lupo, "bodies shift after having children and some of that may not ever go back to how it was before, without help. You don't have to be unhappy."

The uptick in patients that Dr. Fontenot and Dr. Lupo see at the start of the school year does more than just highlight the start of "me time" for moms and dads, it also means taking into account recovery time and caring for young children. Many mothers struggle with the thought of a surgery and are worried about the risk of certain procedures. That's why plastic surgery should be put in the hands of board-certified plastic surgeons. Both doctors have been trained by plastic surgeons known throughout the world and double trained in General Surgery and Plastics. They have created a stable base of skill, state of the art technology, and passion for their patients and practice.

Grant August says when his physician steered him towards plastic surgery he only had one name in mind, "I was recommended to the best of the best, that's Dr. Lupo," says Grant, "he explained everything to me, we had a conversation, I was beyond comfortable."

"In many cases, we can actually show the outcome of the surgery beforehand, we bring the patients into the treatment plan," explains Dr. Fontenot, "Vectra Imaging can help shape the process and ease fears."

The Vectra Imaging System can show patients and doctors a picture of what the outcome of surgery will look like. Many first time clients find the experience reassuring. They get a sense of what's at stake for their future before committing to a procedure. Both surgeons take time to talk with their patients about what comes before, during and after surgery. Technology and technique are only part of the equation — Dr. Fontenot and Dr. Lupo know people come first.

"Dr. Fontenot gave me the treatment he would have given his wife or his sister or his mom. He treated me the same way,” says Vicky Meche, "He was like family."

Turning the focus inward can give hard-working parents a chance to step back and look at what would make them happy; what would make them healthy and more active for their children.

"This 100% changed my life," says Grant August, "It changed my way of eating, it changed my way of living. I'm healthier now. Really it changed my whole lifestyle."

The summer is winding down but that's when mom and dad can schedule a little "me time." Never let your shape define you or your family, let the talented surgeons of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana define your shape.