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Acadiana Resident Celebrates 100 years of Life

Sep 07, 2016 03:55PM ● By Press Release

Acadiana Resident Celebrates 100 years of Life

By: Glenn J. Armentor

Happy, active and loving life for 100 years…

It is the best way our family can describe Rosemary Jordan. Her life began on August 1, 1916. Growing up in New Orleans, Rosemary can still reminisce about streets born of dirt, cobblestones and eventually asphalt, predating life before many people had automobiles.  

Married to George Jordan on November 17, 1932 at age 16, Rosemary remained a faithful and loving wife for 53 years until her husband’s passing in 1986. Rosemary began raising children while her husband left for the Navy during World War II. Eventually moving to Lafayette in the early 1950’s, Rosemary bore the last of her four children at age 42 and continues to play a significant part in raising three generations of grandchildren.  She resided in the same house for over 60 years in which she was known to host many dinners and kitchen dance parties.  That was just how she rolled.

Rosemary is a model of consistency. Family and friends always knew she could be found doing yard work on Mondays and Tuesdays, meeting with her ladies club on Wednesdays, shopping on Thursdays and Fridays, visiting with other family members on Saturdays, and attending church and resting on Sundays. This cycle repeated itself for three decades until one day she decided to hire the neighbor to cut the yard. That was at age 93. A fractured hip did not slow her down four years ago either. After a couple weeks of therapy, family members received a call from the Physical Therapist stating that he was literally chasing her down the street and that she no longer needed her service. Rosemary was ready to get back to her routines.

As she recently quoted, it was at age 90 she took herself off the highway and age 92 when she stopped driving. Never one to give up a routine, Rosemary continued shopping until the passing of her last daughter a few years ago. She continues to celebrate festivals, Mardi Gras, Bach lunches and various community events.

Now a healthy and vibrant resident of an Assisted Living facility, Rosemary is known as speedy Gonzales especially when it comes to meal time. She continues to travel and share a great many meals with her family. Preparing her 90th and 100th birthday parties gave her family another chance to really understand just how she has and continues to live her life, happy, active and full of life.

 Photo Credits: Elizabeth Armentor