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EyeSpy: Uber Lafayette

Sep 19, 2016 09:58AM ● By News Desk
Uber has been in Lafayette for more than a year now. A lot of people are utilizing the service but…some are still skeptical.

What is Uber?

Uber is a personal car service conveniently ordered through an app on your smart phone. You sign up to create your rider profile with payment information through your bank card or PayPal. All monetary transactions are handled electronically. When you need a lift, you simply open up the app and request a ride. Someone will be there within minutes. You will get a photo of the driver and the make/model of their vehicle. The application lets you track the driver’s route and you will be notified upon their arrival. Both the rider and driver’s location and route are tracked within the application.

Uber Drivers

Drivers must clear a background check and have all supporting documents such as driver’s license, car inspection, insurance and current registration on file. Both the driver and the rider are prompted to rate each other using a 5 star rating system. If drivers fall below the average for the area, they will be terminated. Drivers use their own vehicle and it must be a younger model car, 2001 being the oldest but the age requirement varies by city.

Drivers set their own schedule by simply turning on the app showing availability and have the opportunity to decline or accept a rider. It’s a great way to earn cash and meet tons of people. Signing up is simple at Use the invite code: THW47UE

Who uses Uber?

Milennials have embraced Uber and use it frequently, to get to and from work as well as for social purposes. One of the best aspects about Uber is that people are using it to have a safe ride home after a night of drinking. Whether you’re meeting the girls for dinner and/or drinks, Uber is the way to go.

People from all walks of life find Uber to be a delightful experience when out of town on pleasure or business. Even when you’re in your hometown, sometimes you find yourself needing a lift because your car is in the shop. Friends and family aren’t always available. Uber is available 24/7, pending driver availability.

Download the Uber app on your smart phone now. In the event you need a lift in the future, it’ll be already set up. Use this code to receive up to $20 off and/or your first trip free: THW47UE **Promotions vary and change over time.

Ride or Drive with this code: THW47UE and receive discounts.