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Liquid Foundation vs Powder Foundation

Sep 26, 2016 01:29PM ● By Press Release

I consider myself to be the type of girl that enjoys wearing makeup on most days of the week! I like to wake up early, have time to myself and sit at my vanity to put my makeup on for the day. With my senior year of high school beginning soon, I wanted to get as much sleep as I could and didn't want to have to wake up an hour earlier to do my makeup, but, I also wanted my face to look as though I had makeup on. So, I was kind of in a predicament deciding whether I should wake up earlier to get the look I wanted or to just go without makeup on. Well, I found a solution!

I've always watched tutorials and videos of others using something called "powder foundation" but I had never tried it myself! I always liked the way my skin looked when I used liquid foundation. But, with school creeping around the corner, I figured it was time to try something new that could speed up my makeup application in the mornings! Powder foundation was definitely the way to go. Here, I compare the two types of foundations, liquid and powder, to help you get an idea of both!

Liquid Foundation

I find that liquid foundation gives me more of a matte look, which I like especially when my skin is feeling a bit oily. It gives amazing coverage, filling lines and wrinkles helping them to look less noticeable. Liquid foundations works for most skin types. You can easily find one that will work for your specific needs. There are so many different kinds to choose from such as ones that help your face stay matte, ones that help your face look dewy, and even some with SPF in it to provide protection for your face.


  • Excellent coverage

  • Keeps skin moisturized

  • Easier to apply and blend


  • Takes more time

  • Can get messy

  • May clog pores and cause acne

Powder Foundation

Powder Foundation has become my best friend recently; I have tried both mineral and pressed powder foundation and find that I get a lot more coverage when using a mineral foundation. It helps me get the look I want without the hassle and mess of liquid foundation. It takes patience as you have to apply layer after layer until you get the look desired but is well worth it when you see your skin looks flawless but also looks like you have no makeup on at all! I feel as though powder foundation would be best for oily skin types as it will help absorb and control your facial oils. Using it on dry skin can accentuate the dryness causing dry patches.


  • Provides a more natural look

  • Absorbs oil so helps your face stay matte

  • Can be reapplied throughout the day

  • Not as messy


  • Requires a brush which can be challenging for beginners

  • May settle into lines and wrinkles


About the author: Madelyn Meaux lives in Lafayette and has a passion for makeup. This is an edited excerpt from her beauty blog, which can be found at