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Fashion After 50

Sep 26, 2016 01:38PM ● By News Desk

By: E. Schels

Age is nothing but a number and when it comes to fashion, you should follow your own personal style. Now, more than ever, women are looking and feeling younger due to the information age, advances in medicine and plastic surgery.

Fifty is the new forty and is also a pivotal point in fashion for most women. Sweatpants with Bootylicious on the backside and cut off Daisy Dukes may have been cute in your twenties but, in your 50s, it just looks like you’re reaching for lost youth.

Embrace your maturity by adding flattering pieces to your wardrobe that will make you feel both feminine and confident.

The Little Black Dress

Every woman should have a little black dress in their closet ready to go. Find the style that best fits your body type and makes you feel sexy. Less is more—it should be a simple dress that can be worn to casual, business and cocktail parties. Dress lengths should fall right at or right above the knee. Dress it up with a colorful scarf (or purse). I personally like to wear mine with red heels.


Two of the most flattering styles are wrap dresses and those that fit snug at the top and flare out at the bottom—bell dresses if you will. Wrap dresses have an air of sophistication, especially those with a v-neck and three quarter length sleeves. Remember to always tie on the side, not in the front and do not make a bow. Bell dresses can disguise big hips and a less than perfect waist and are great for day lunches as well as parties.


Long and three quarter length sleeved cardigans are a wonderful wardrobe addition to be paired with pants or skirts. It should hit you right at your hips. They are perfect for chilly air conditioned office jobs and for Louisiana’s weather; waking up to cold temps only to be sweating by noon. It should flatter your body, so carefully pick out a perfectly sized one; it should be neither too tight nor too big.

Tank tops

Tank tops create a modest, smooth look for women. Find a tank you like and buy a bunch in solid colors. You can wear them underneath anything! Buying a well-fitting one, one size down even, can double as a body shaping piece. It should be snug and long enough to tuck in.


Dark Jeans

Jeans are an American staple in fashion. Dark jeans, either boot cut or skinny, can be dressed up or down. Take your time and find your favorite, most flattering brand.


These are not your mother’s polyester pantaloons! Linen pants are dressy casual and are great for the high temps we experience here in South Louisiana. Cream colored pants with a white top will look great against your sun kissed skin. Not to mention, they are super comfortable.



Heels can start to become painful after a lifetime of wearing them and for some, it can cause serious medical issues that require surgery. There’s always the option to wear a wedge but, I suggest investing in simple flats. Fashion icon Victoria Beckham suggests flats and minimal jewelry, letting the fashion pieces speak for themselves.

Using this list as a starting point, you will be well on your way to creating your own signature style. Visit local clothing boutiques to receive personalized style services. Clothing that fits well goes a long way so consider having your pieces tailored to fit your body if it’s in your budget.

Think of fashion as an investment in yourself. Clothing that flatters will make your confidence soar!