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Mommy Time

Sep 27, 2016 01:25PM ● By News Desk

By: Kristi Guillory

It's officially that time of year! Kids are back in school and the chaos of first days, new schools and new friends is quickly fading into routine. Moms in Acadiana may find themselves momentarily lonesome and then excited to embrace extra time to themselves. What's a stay at home mom to do with all these precious hours during the day?? Clean? Finally catch up on laundry? Scrub the baseboards? Heck no. Unless that's what really makes you happy, then scrub away my friends!! 

One thing most moms I interviewed mentioned wanting to do is volunteer. A lot of parents often feel happy to volunteer and be involved at their child's school. Maybe we really just can't let go and find ourselves grasping at every little string to stay connected to our children while they are away from us. It can be rewarding, though, as it allows parents to connect with other parents and create friendships. 

Many parents mentioned self pampering. Summertime is hard work as a parent. Planning activities and keeping the kids from getting bored and fighting takes a toll and some parents are ready to take a backseat and let someone else handle the drama. (Sorry teachers!) I know a couple moms already had spa days planned and one of the stay at home dads I spoke with was excited to work on a home renovation project now that kids were out the house; out of the way.

Exercise was also a popular answer. Many moms are planning to spend more time at the gym while the kids are in school. A few parents even mentioned taking a class of their own to learn something new and still others are planning to take on a part time job just to stay busy.
Several stay at home moms were just happy thinking about quiet time and not having to referee all the fights between the kids. A few of the working parents with older children mentioned looking forward to lower grocery bills now that the kids weren't home eating everything out of boredom! Personally, I do not work outside the home but I can relate! I've been to the store just about every other day this summer for a pre-teen with a bottomless pit of a stomach! He might get it from me. I digress.

One of my favorite answers from all the parents I interviewed was naps. One mom mentioned how excited she was just to be able to take a nap in peace during the day before the kids get home from school. Well nap away friend because the kids are now back in class. But don't nap too long because there’s homework and after school sports to worry about.


As for me, I've still got a little one to keep me busy while the other two are in school so there won't be any time alone for me just yet. I'll have to catch up on all that mom time in a year or two. Until then, I'll just live vicariously through you.  Well, maybe not the gym goers, but definitely you nap takers!