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#IntentionalPositivity: Do Your P.A.R.T.

Oct 07, 2016 11:25AM ● By Laurie James

As we continue to recover from the Louisiana floods, we have the opportunity to move forward with grace or fall into the quicksand that can inevitably accompany such a tragic event.

Just as there’s no rhyme or reason associated with an event like this, there’s no definite explanation as to when the local economy will pick up. When it comes to careers in south Louisiana, however, you can do your PART:

  1. Pray: Thank God for the blessings of life. EVERYTHING is a blessing – although you might not see it that way at the time.
  2. Accept Where You Are: Acceptance can be hard! REALLY hard! You might be comparing yourself to the Jones’ down the street. However, when you accept where you are in life, you can set up a plan to move in a more positive direction! Then the blessings will truly flow your way.

  3. Research: Learn everything about your career situation. If you are six hours shy of a college degree and that degree will get you into any door of your preferred career – then find-a-way to earn that degree! If you want a medical sales career, but have no real experience in medicine OR sales, research the industry for opportunities to do an internship in that field – even if you have to do so for free! Think outside the box by asking family, friends and colleagues about career opportunities that might interest you. The best jobs are found through networking which requires extensive research and luck!

  4. Tell Your (Positive) Story: Remember, you OWN your story … it’s yours and yours alone! Articulate where you’ve been and where you are now. Cast a vision of where you want to be. If the dream exists and is on your heart, then it’s attainable! Set the groundwork for an action plan! Tell everyone about your goal … they’ll buy in and want to help you get there!! In south Louisiana, we are HELPERS! We don’t wait for governmental assistance … we just get our hands dirty and help each other … no matter what!!

We are often scared of stepping out for ourselves, but we are ALWAYS willing to help others. Use this information to your advantage … do your PART … and you will engage others to help you on the journey for your dream career!

About the Author: Laurie J. James is one of the only 16 Master Career Directors globally. She co-founded and presided over the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association from 2000-2004. PRWRA rebranded to Career Directors in 2005. Laurie has created 10,000+ job-winning resumes in her career. She is a credentialed resume & LinkedIn profile writer, seasoned public speaker and award-winning career image coach. Visit her at